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We are proud to offer the full line of DRM suspension components for your application. From shocks and sway bars to complete packages with coilovers, we are here to help build a custom  package to suit your needs.

C4/C5/C6 DRM CoilOver Suspension Kit

Race car-level handling, adjustable ride height and a more comfortable ride result when the DRM CoilOver suspension kit is installed on late model Corvettes. Originally designed for DRM race cars, the CoilOver suspension allows each corner of the Corvette’s suspension to react independently by eliminating the leaf springs and the “cross talk” associated with them. The DRM CoilOver suspension can be installed using stock shock absorbers or new Bilstein shocks. Included in kits are four coil springs, billet aluminum top hats, adjustable sleeves, spanner wrench and polyurethane shock mount bushings.

DRM Trailing Arm Brackets
for C4 Corvettes

Precise weight transfer is critical for optimum acceleration, braking and cornering. DRM brackets alter the trailing arm mounting point locations taking some of the anti-squat out of the Corvette. The additional weight transfer results in improved traction. Improvement will be realized at autocross, road course and drag racing events.

DRM Rear Camber Brackets
for C4 Corvettes

The amount of tire in contact with the road determines grip. DRM brackets relocate the camber arms mounting point locations reducing camber change throughout the full range of suspension travel. The added traction these brackets provide will be realized at autocross, road course and drag racing events.

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