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Installing PNWZR1 brake adapters


PNWZR1 brake adapters are crafted of solid steel and are nickel plated for corrosion resistance. These parts are guaranteed to fit with no issues, nor will there be any interference from the bolts provided. When you receive your brackets you should have, two brackets, four 35mm bolts, four 40mm bolts, and 4 new washers. All bolts are grade 10.9 and all are a 22mm hex head bolt.

Tools needed: floor jack, jack stands, 3/4 ratchet, 21mm/22mm,13mm, 3/4" sockets, 10mm line wrench for the brake bleeding.
Other items needed: loctite, brake fluid

Step1: Jack front of car up.
Step 2: Remove front wheels. 
Step3: Place one lug back on to keep rotor in place.

Step 4: Undo the 13mm brake line going into the caliper. Either reuse the existing line, or upgrade to the stainless lines appropriate for your year vehicle.
Step 5: Take the 21mm socket and remove the two large bolts that holds the C4 abutment bracket to the spindle. This will allow the entire caliper assembly to be pulled away from the spindle.
Step 6: Undo the lug holding the rotor in place. Remove rotor

Step 7: Take the time to clean up the hub surface of any rust. Clean the studs as well.

Now we are to the install point

Step 1: Install correct bracket for the side you are working on. Both brackets are labeled, and the lettering should be facing towards the outside of the car. Use the 40mm length  bolt with the FACTORY WASHER that you removed from step 5 above. You must use this washer to insure you have proper clearance. Please clean the bolt from any residue with brake cleaner and dry. Take some loctite and use on the last 4mm of the tip of the bolt. Tighten bolts to factory specs 166 ft lbs (plus or minus 15 ftlbs).


Step 2:  Install C5 rotor, and retain with a single lug nut.
Step 3: You can do this step a couple of ways, but this is the way I do it. If you have bought used rotors, make sure that you have depressed the pistons back into the caliper, hopefully you have cleaned and replaced the seals if the calipers are used.  Have the C5 brake abutment already attached to the caliper and bolts tightened accordingly. Completely load the caliper with brake pads, then slide the assembly over the rotor. Take one 35mm length bolt and one hardened washer apply loctite and secure the caliper.  Take another 35mm bolt and washer apply loctite and secure the lower mount. Torque bolts down to factory specs 166 ft lbs (plus or minus 15 ftlbs).

Follow instructions for the opposite side. Calipers are now installed.

Follow appropriate brake bleeding procedures


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